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September 21, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Early Winter In Canada!

Duck Hunting Alberta, Canada Just A Little On The Chilly Side!

If the forecast calls for stormy conditions and freezing temperatures, go duck hunting.  When the weather gets cold the birds get moving, migrating birds are looking for a place to land and refuel.  Pretty much any open water will do.

You may have to have some kind of way of keeping the ice open for them to land in.  You can stomp on it yourself or there is special equipment that will do the job for you.

Rivers can be a good place to go also because the current keeps the water open longer then if the water is a pond or lake. If you find a good river set up on the narrowest part so that you are in good shooting range. The rivers usually are getting more shallow so you can wade into many of them but you have to be careful and pick the right spots to cross.

When you are hunting during the cold and snowy conditions your clothing comes into play and becomes an important part of your equipment.  Staying warm is of the utmost importance.  It keeps you comfortable and enables you to hunt longer.


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