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Duck Hunting the Pacific Flyway!

February 16, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Different Water Sources!

Duck Hunting Different Water Sources Determines Strategies!

When you hunt different area’s like, lakes, Rivers and Ponds you have to set everything up a little different in each area.  There is also a difference in how you will call them out.  Decoying the birds  has to be set up differently. Some you need a mix of both duck and geese decoys. As they say you make it look like a party. The decoys need to be in different postures from sleeping to standing. Some should have some sort of timed motion.  The more realistic the better.

The number of decoys depends on the area’s size, duck hunters may place hundreds of decoys on large bodies of water and may use only a few on the smaller ones.  There are other things to consider like the wind it all plays into the factor of decoy placement.

You will also be hunting them a little differently. Larger bodies of water it is easier to hunt in a layout boat. Smaller ponds and rivers there are land blinds that work really the best.




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