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May 14, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Boat The Ultimate Choice!

Duck Hunting Boat Getting The Right One For You!!

There are many boats that you can get to go duck hunting in, different sizes, makes and models.  So picking one can be time consuming.  Here is a little bit of information that may help with that decision.

Excel duck boats from Arkansas have a wonderful line of boats. They are the nations premier aluminum boat manufacturers.  They have an affordable and tough line of boats targeting the outdoor enthusiasts needs.

The ultimate camo patterns featured in their duck boat line makes it easy to have a successful hunting or fishing  experience.

Boats have many hull configurations for different water and hunting conditions.  There is the V-bottom designed for crossing large water,  Semi-V which are popular for waterfowl hunters, then the flat-bottom johnboats which are best in shallow waters. So as you can see you have lots to choose from.


an excel camo duck hunting boat

a duck hunting excel boat

Take a look at how they build their boats…

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