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May 31, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Arkansas 2016!

Duck Hunting Timber Ducks Arkansas !

Timber hunting is one of the purest forms of duck hunting and can be the hardest. No boat or dog and some don’t use decoys though they really help. You mostly need a gun, a call and you are in business.

Calling is the key, duck talk attracts the bird best in the green timber.  You can’t use the big blocks of decoys like in open spaces because they don’t see the decoys unless they are right on top of them. Ducks respond differently to calling each day so you have to adjust to the difference and change your approach.

The callers use a combination of hail calls, feeding calls and quacks that will bring in the birds.

Shooting can be fast and furious. The ducks in the tall timber can be on top of you before you realize it.  You have to make the decision to shot in a split second, should you take the shot or wait.

Ideal conditions blue sky with a wisp of clouds, no ice so the birds are flying. The best times to duck hunt in Arkansas is considered to be late December into early January, this is when ducks and geese have made it as far south as can be in a good amount of numbers


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