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March 3, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Alberta!

Duck Hunting – Some Hunts Are Good Some Hunts Are Even Better all Memorable!

Working harder at getting the ducks when you do not have access to the main fields takes some great ingenuity. You have to divert them into the areas that you do have.  There lies the challenge, but there are ways.

Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t that is just the chance that you take. Hunting can be a hard task but that’s what makes it exciting.

I don’t think anyone thinks that it will be easy or that every hunt will be a success.  Its almost like gambling will you win today or will you loose.  But its all fun.

Alberta season starts in early September.

Early September finds them hunting in warm weather, with “opening day” lasting for about 3 weeks due to the lack of hunting pressure on local ducks and geese.


 There is a continuation of warm hunting and tons of both ducks and geese.

November/ December:

As November begins, temperatures drop and snow starts to fall. Birds fly later and later in the morning, and shuffle from field to field for most of the day.

December finishes off our season, and we still shoot limits in about an hour – right until closing day.




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