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April 28, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting A New Year Is Here!

Duck Hunting A New Year Are You Ready?

Taking to the ponds duck hunting for the first time this year 2016. It is starting and everyone is getting ready.  How about you are you getting all your gear dusted off and ready for another year?

The good news for the new year is that the duck populations are at an all time high. Also the Canada and snow goose populations remain robust.

Waterfowl hunting in most areas is influenced not only by the populations of the birds but by habitat conditions, weather and the timing of the migrations.

All of these factors will make flexibility a key to a successful hunt. Regardless of the weather and habitat conditions you should take the time to enjoy every hunt.

Now it is time to make sure everything is in tip top shape for the new year. Dig out the clothes, guns, ammo and all the other things that have been stored through the winter snow.

Snow went way early this year, our winter was not much of a winter at all. Our lake went out about a month earlier then we have ever seen it before.  The ducks and geese were back early and stayed only for a short time before heading north to the Yukon and beyond.





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