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Sea Duck Hunting!

February 5, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting A New Generation

The Young Are Starting And That’s A Good Thing!

The young are starting to get interested in waterfowl hunting which is a real good thing. Our daughter is starting to waterfowl hunt, she started within the past few years and enjoys it.

We have huge fields in our area and in the spring and fall there are thousands of geese and ducks that come through.  We are situated on a migration fly way and the amount of birds is mind blowing.  We also get a huge migration of swans but they are protected in our area.

We can hunt on the lakes and creeks but the fields are mostly owned and we have to get permission from the farmers to go onto their field. They usually don’t have any trouble with people going on as long as they don’t leave a mess.  They want the birds to be gone most of the time because they can be quite distructive.




Check out the great hunts there are lots of birds.

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