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Duck Hunting A New Year Is Here!

April 23, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting-21 Pieces of Hunting Gear!

21 Pieces Of Duck Hunting Gear You Will Want And Some Need!

When you are duck hunting you have to have the right gear to make a successful hunt which is what everyone wants. So if you start out right it makes it all the better. Although you don’t need to go crazy the first year start out with what you can afford and build on that.

In this list there are somethings that everyone may not need depending on where they are hunting and the weather in their specific area. But I’d say that most of this will come in handy at some point. Some on the list are a must but others can be added.

If you look around and are budget conscious you can get a good price on most of the gear that you want and need.



They are coming out with all kind of decoys you can mix and match a lot of different kinds. Some move others are feeding.  So look like they are flying. Very diverse.


Here are some of the clothing that will come in handy on your next duck hunting mission.


There are all kinds of variety of all the items on this list. Different brands different sizes.  You will have to find what fits into your hunting style.


Layout blinds come in may shapes, sizes and prices.


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