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Duck Hunters The Best Equipment Ever Made

Duck Hunters And Their Equipment!

Duck Hunters rely on their equipment to do them a top notch job.  The most important of these pieces of equipment are their shotguns.  They have to take real good care of it.  It gets wet, muddy and all other kinds of weather and surroundings that can effect the action of the gun.

There is a list of the shotguns that everyone is or has used you have to check it out and see if yours made the list. There was a survey taken to see what we think check it out.

So after each time it is used it should be wiped down and giving a good long drink of oil so that it is  ready to go back and do it again.

Shot Gun Cleaning Kit for duck hunters


a Benelli SBE11 Duck hunters Shotgun

Benelli SBE11

10 Best Waterfowl Shotguns Ever Made

Here’s a look at the best waterfowl shotguns of all time, guns that do what we ask and more. Some have been around for decades, a few for more than a century. They’ve proved their worth with each passing season, despite a layer of rust and a battered stock. A few are remnants of a bygone era. Others may be the new gun in the marsh, but legions of dedicated waterfowlers have put them through the ringer and given them a wet, cold thumbs up.

Amazing list of guns is one of them yours, where is yours on the list of the best!

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