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Duck Calls Which One Is The Best

Understanding Duck Calls!

Most duck hunters have their favorite duck calls. The one that that seems to do everything right that they want. Some find the one they like after using it for the first time.  Others take their time and listen to the way others calls sound like it and find out the brand and check one out for themselves.

Duck calls should be chosen according to where and how they intend to use it.  There are options that can affect a calls tone, range and sharpness include high or low volume, the ring tone, single or double reed.  The material that it is made out of polycarbonate, wood or acrylic.

If you are calling a longer distance then your call should have a louder and higher pitch to it.  Hunters who are hunting in closer environments should pick a softer volume and pitch.

The difference between a single or double reed call is a single reed calls have more range and are more versatile, double reeds are a little harder to master. They take more air and do not have the range that the single reed has.  Double reeds on the other hand when they are master sound more realistic to ducks.

Acrylic calls are sharper and louder many open water calls are made from this material.

Wooden calls are softer and mellower they are a great choice for closer calling.

Polycarbonate are kind of in the middle for sharpness and loudness.

So I would say it is what ever your personnel choice is and where you are going to be hunting.

duck calls -duck commanders uncle Si call

duck calls- Zink calls Green Machine Double reed

Understanding the Different Types of Duck Calls

Continue onto page 2… to for an article on the different types of call some of the information is of the same mind as myself but it gives you another outlook on it. If you are a beginner it helps to have a few views.

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