Ducks & Snow !

Duck Hunting For The Beginner !

October 21, 2015 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Creek Duck Hunting !

Duck Hunting In The Cold Fall Weather !

Not all creeks are created equal.  Some of them hold both the water and the food source. But today we are looking at the water, the food source is elsewhere but within hunting range. So the ducks come in for water after feeding.

Cover is also another important aspect to hunting creeks. You have to make a grassy , bushy covered area to hide in. Covering the top is a wise idea so when they fly over and come into land they do not see you from the air.

Hunting the creeks can be a good idea because they are often ignored by other hunters, so the traffic is much less. There fore the ducks have been bothered less. It can make for a very productive hunt.

So what are you waiting for lets get Quacking…


Zink Calls Band Hunters 2 – Kansas Creek Day 1

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