Duck Hunting With The Challenge Of The Weather!

Duck Hunting In Mississippi!!

June 20, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Cooking Your Ducks!

Some Great Duck Recipes Making A Delicious Meal!!

This Duck Recipe was on Ducks Unlimited, picture and recipe by Scott Leysath.

It looked so delicious and simple that I wanted to share it with everyone. Great appetizer pick up the meat on a stick you can walk around visiting, great conversation all the while eating and enjoying your duck.

There are a great many recipes on this sight so if you are ever stumped as to what to do with your duck this will give you some great ideas. Recipes

I have mostly cooked my ducks whole, stuffed and roasted. So am looking for  more adventurous recipes.  The geese we have been getting we have been just cooking the breasts.  Used to cook them whole to so you can get all the nice nibbling’s.

For those who have never eaten wild ducks they have a stronger flavour then tame.  Some refer to it as gamey.  And they should be cooked at and internal temperature of 165 F. Over cooking will make them dry out and be tough.

ducks roasting whole

ducks getting prepared to be cooked

Continue on to page 2 for a yummy recipe from Ducks Unlimited…

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