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Coleman Hot Water On Demand Great Plan!

Hot Water When Ever You Need It, How Cool Is That!!!

Hot Water one of the most important things when we are camping, we love our showers.

Anytime we stay for longer then the weekend we always make sure that we have showering capabilities.

We build the shelter and make sure that it is ready and available for everyone in our camp. Here is our fancy shelter we build every year. Lol!

Hot Water Shower Shelter


We have been using a homemade shower container, filling it with hot water heated over our fire. Now we are using a Coleman water on Demand. Works fantastic!

Coleman on Demand H2Oasis Portable Water Heater

This to big for you need something smaller there is a whole bunch of different models.  There has to be one that will suit you needs.

Click the link and take your pick.  Nothing better then having a nice warm shower after a hard day of play.

Coleman Hot Water Selections

When we go camping we do all kinds of things and there are kids, mom’s,dads and grandparents so having this piece of camping equipment is making our lives much easier and fun.

Hopefully you have found something that suit your needs. Have a great camping season!!

This is our favorite place to camp, fish and hunt!

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