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Cleaning Your Remington Shotgun!!

The Importance Of Having A Clean Shotgun!

Cleaning your shotgun, first make sure there is not ammunition in it.  That is the most important first step. Many an accident has happened by not checking that very thing.

Cleaning your shotgun ensures that you will have proper and good function of the firearm.  Usually the cleaning process is simple using gun oils, and lubricating with the oils and greases. You will need a gun cleaning kit to get the proper equipment to clean it.  There will be the oil, brushes, soft clothes, long brush for the barrel.  You can get all this in one kit at your sports store.

Not cleaning your shotgun may cause malfunctions, very rarely it can cause the firearm to explode, but it is still something that you should keep in the back of your mind.  Proper maintenance on your gun or guns is of the utmost importance.

When you buy your gun the manufacturer should supply a detailed method on how to disassemble , clean and reassemble the firearm that they have produced.  If they have not then it should be requested you need to know the proper way to clean your firearm.

cleaning shotgun taking it apart

Cleaning your shotgun
putting shotgun back together


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