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Best Stew Ever !!

You can’t beat a good stew and bread makes my taste buds drool. lol

Hobo Stew and Corn Bread

Video by: wildernessoutfitters

You need a good pot to cook a good stew here is a sample of one like we have and use all the time. It is also light enough to pack if you are backpacking.

REDCAMP Outdoor Camping Cookware Mess Kit,Non-stick Portable Hiking Cooking Sets,Foldable Backpacking Stoves Lightweight

If you aren’t packing it in on a hike this camping pot is ideal.  There is nothing better then cast iron cookware. We have cast iron frying pans we use all the time.

Winterial Cast Iron Camping Dutch Oven / Camping Cookware / Durable / Cooking

cast iron frying pan

This is our favorite over the fire cast iron frying pan.  It is 22 inches round and about four inches deep.  It goes everywhere with us.

Here is a light pot with a handle for hanging over the fire if you choose to cook like the video.

Solo Stove 2 Pot Set: Stainless Steel Companion Pot Set for Solo Stove Campfire. Great for Backpacking, Camping, Survival

Even have a hanging coffee pot.  Need your morning java!! It is made out of very light material.

Stansport Camper’s Cook Ware 277

Hope you have fun cooking it’s so good…

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