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Best Stew Ever !!

Nothing Better Then A Great Slow Cooked Stew!

Cooking stew over the fire is easy and the flavours are incredible.  As I always say nothing better then cooking and eating food outside.  I think you are hungry in a different way when you are outside and the fresh air just makes everything better.

You can make this stew even if you are back packing into the back country.  All the spices, vegetables and mixes you can get dried.  You can even take dried meats that are available or you can dry your own. Barley is another great additive to any stew and  is light to pack.  In the end all you need is water.

When you do your packing to get ready just take enough for each meal that you have planned .  Everyone who back packs knows the weight is the most important part so you have to be very conscious on what you take and how much.

So check out this video and you will get a great lesson in cooking a great meal over an outside fire.

stew in a pot over the fire

stew with a lid on the pot

making corn bread for the stew

putting corn bread in the cooker to cook for the stew

cornbread cooking getting ready to eat stew

Continue on to page to for the video of this delicious stew…

The flavour that your food gets from cooking over the fire is taste perfection… You can even check out some cookware for use over the fire…

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