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March 26, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Best Duck Decoys For 2015

Do You Have Some Of These Duck Decoys?

Do you know what the best new waterfowl decoys of 2015 are? Well we are going to give you a small preview of a few that we have found.

Here are ten samples of the 2015 Best Duck Decoys of 2015. There are more and you can go to the link I will be attaching to this article and see all the waterfowl decoys.  There are geese also.

All these decoys are so beautiful with their realistic look. They make them look so real now a days.  It might even fool you. Haha!

Using your decoys the best way you can.

As the season gets later the birds become wiser.  They figure things out and become leery.  This is when it is important to make sure that you have proper placement of your duck decoys. You have to utilize the best and most realistic decoys that you can afford.

To make the best of you duck decoys make your spread look different then everyone elses. Make movement have a jerk cord or battery operated vibrators that will ripple the water.  If no water have wing movement.



Floating Mallards blend

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