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May 10, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Benefits of The Rapid Flyer Lucky Duck Decoy!

One Of The Best- Expedite Edge Rapid Flyer Lucky Duck Decoy!

This duck decoy is one of the most realistic electronic landing duck decoy on the market.  It has everything necessary to trick even the most cautious ducks. Lightweight flexible wings and simple innovative drive system creates a realistic flapping motion. The material that the wings are made of create a natural necessary flash that you would normally get with the light and dark coloration on the spinning wing.

Some of the reviews on it are:

  • Wing Motion works great.  Mallards love it in the fields. Battery last a good solid morning hunt.  A perfect finishing decoy.
  • The flapping motion looks more real than a spinning motion.
  • The wings quickly and easily remove for transportation and storage.
  • The battery life is one of the impressive attributes of this decoy.
  • It can be used on all forms of duck hunting. Open water, flooded basins or in the middle of a field it keeps bringing them in.

A decoy - it is Edge By Expedite- Rapid Flyer Lucky Duck Decoy

If you are interested in checking them out Click on this link

The package include:

  • Decoy Body
  • Three piece metal stake
  • Easy on feet
  • T-stake mounting bracket
  • 6-Volt battery
  • One pair of wings

a Edge by Expedite Rapid flyer lucky duck decoy

Check out customer reviews here is a good place to start.

There are other kinds of Rapid Flyer Duck Decoys.

The Edge by Expedite Rapid Flyer Teal Motion Duck Decoy Polymer when it runs it perfectly imitates the landing motion of a Teal.

Edge by Expedite Rapid Flyer Teal Motion Deck Decoy Polmer

The definitely look like the real deal. And you need it to look as genuine as possible. All your decoys are important but having them move and look like the real living bird is what we all want.

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