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July 4, 2016 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

Albino Ducks Have You Seen One?

Albino Ducks Are Not Too Common!

Albinism is a condition caused by the organism’s body not being able to  produce a pigment known as Melanin. Melanin creates the normal pigmentation in an animal’s feathers, fur, skin or scales: a lack of melanin generally results in the animal looking bleached all over, appearing white or pink.

Albinism is inherited , passed from the adult to their young.

Having this condition for animals is a risk in the wild.  The birds are colored to blend into their surroundings.  Being an albino takes away the protective covering that they rely on and they can fall prey to their predators. The right pigmentation also helps them deal with the sunlight it protects them from the rays.

Albinism of even a partial kind seems very rare amongst the true wild ducks, their legs and bills are orange and their feathers white.

albino ducks

albino ducks

albino ducksSo there are wild ducks that have this condition, I however have not seen any but found it interesting to read about and see the pictures of them. I have seen albino moose.  In the area where we live there are three.  One is all white the other two have a couple of black spots on their behind. They are not to be shot it is frowned upon, the natives say that there is a mystic story about them.  So they have been there a long time.

I am sure some of you have seen this rare bird which only makes you hunting experience even more special.

We are definitely going to pay more attention when we are out looking for a great duck hunting spot.

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