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August 14, 2015 Comments (0) Duck Hunting

5 Amazing Tip’s !!

5 Awesome Pieces of Duck Hunting Gear

A perk of my job is gear testing.  I do get to test some cool new waterfowl gear on occasion.

 I find myself reflecting on a number of new items I’ve tested and liked, as well as a few items I’ve put through the ringer the last few seasons.

Here I give you an inside scoop on a number of items that have proven their worth.

1. Plano Max-5 Waterproof Case

I have an older version of this case (pre-camo) that I spray-painted and used daily for storage of my camera when afield. It is nearly indestructible  and totally waterproof. It floats when latched. Now it’s available in a non-chipping or peeling Max-5 finish.

2. Cabela’s Instinct Accelerator Waders

The word “lightweight” doesn’t do these waders justice. But, just as importantly, they are incredibly functional. These waders are made of an unbelievably thin, yet invincibly strong upper that basically weighs nothing.

3. Benelli Super Vinci

Last season, I switched to a Benelli Super Vinci shotgun with a 30-inch barrel. I couldn’t be happier. They are incredibly light weight. While the great autoloader debate will never rest in the world of waterfowling, my vote is cast with the Super Vinci. I’ve owned and shot several other brands of shotguns, including those at the same price point, but none has ever given me the confidence that the Super Vinci has.

4. Milwaukee Heated Hoodie

I must admit, when I first received this product, I was a bit leery. In my mind, heated clothing doesn’t exactly scream “functional and hardcore.” But it appears I was wrong.  The hoodie is incredibly warm by itself as well. My active-style of hunting rarely permits me to get cold, but on slow days a little heat was really nice.

5. Banded Dog Stands

I have an original Banded dog stand from a few years ago and, to sum it up, I can’t believe this thing hasn’t fallen apart yet. Every day of the hunting season finds me with a retriever atop a stand in horrendously deep, sticky mud.  But my stand somehow labors on, no worse for the wear. Tested and approved.



Bonus #6: Federal Black Cloud Close Range Ammunition

I’ve always been a fan of Black Cloud – not so much for the “deadly wound channel” aspect, but for their highly advanced wad technology, able to carry loads densely to target. Last season, they introduced Close Range. This shotshell features 100 percent Flightstopper pellets.  These ringed pellets spread incredibly fast once the custom Black Cloud wad releases them. The result is a “can’t miss” spread from about 15-25 yards. After using the load for a full season, I can attest to one factor: while it may not be for every situation, in tight, Black Cloud Close Range is wicked.

Article by :Joe Balog 

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